Exness bonus

The Exness bonus allows traders to get more money into their account. Such rewards are given for various operations - profile design, trading volume achieved. The broker carries out promotions for a certain period - for example, every year, there is a promotion for the Chinese New Year. The bonuses given to clients register during the promotional period can be saved even after the end of the promotion.

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All details should be read in the news on the official Exness Singapore website. Traders who hold an account with a broker are also notified.

The first type — the Exness deposit bonus

Exness deposit bonus is measured as a percentage of the Net deposit. That means the amount that remains on balance after the deposit and withdrawal. That is, the formula of 10% compensation looks like this:

("Funds deposited" - "Funds withdrawn") / 100) x 10

For example, the client has made a $ 1000, then the bonus is ((1000 - 0) / 100) x 10 = $ 100. If he first made 1000, then output 150, then the bonus is ((1000 - 150) / 100) x 10 = $ 85.

As a rule, the Exness broker provides 10% of the available deposit. To receive the bonus, a trader must meet certain conditions:

  • Register or maintain an account of a certain type - say, Mini or Standard.

  • If it is a question of registration, the period for which it is necessary to make a profile is given.

The money is accrued until the broker's administration decides to stop the promotion. That is, the program may be valid for several months or years. The amount of monetary terms depends on the volume of trade turnover. The more the client makes deposits and transactions on the platform, the more bonus funds are credited to them.

It should be noted that bonus money cannot be withdrawn from a broker's account. Gift funds can only be used for trading on the platform. On the other hand, the profit gained with their help can be easily withdrawn to the place the client needs.

The second type — LotBack Exness bonus 

From time to time, the Exness broker introduces a reward for the traded volume of lots. For each lot of any traded currency trader receives a fixed amount of money. For example, in 2019, the company's clients could get up to $88 for each lot.

In the conditions of this campaign, there is an opening a certain type of account (say, Mt4 Mini). The trader deposits funds and trades the selected pairs. The lowest remuneration is usually given for lots of bitcoin-dollar - only +2 to each. The conditions of the current promotion determine the highest reward. In 2019, the largest reward of 88 dollars was given for lots with Australian dollar - AUDDKKm, AUDPLNm, AUDSEKm and a dozen other currency pairs. 

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In any case, the gift money is not withdrawn from the account but used for trading. This measure is designed to protect the broker from scammers who are hunting for free money. Carefully read all the terms of promotions and trading bonus 2020 to be aware of all the nuances.

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